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Dining Menu

"Select here" Latest dining Menu February 20th, 2015


Appetizers and Tapas

Jamaican Curried Crab Bisque
Jumbo Lump Crab- with coconut milk, scotch bonnet peppers, & fresh lime bringing you fond memories of those “sweet-hot” Caribbean nights

Black Eyed Pea Enchilada
Our 'never miss the meat' hearty chili with black eyed peas, smothered in cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheeses, served with sour cream our homemade mango salsa, & ripe avocado

Tuscan Arancini 
Savory Risotto infused with sun dried tomato & fresh herbs rolled into (meatless) balls stuffed w/ fresh mozzarella, rolled in Panko & pan browned – served in pool of Tomato basil marinara.

Warm Eggplant Capresé
Fresh Italian eggplant lightly panko dusted and pan fried stacked w/ fresh Bufala Mozzerella
and drizzled with homemade tomato basil marinara 

Lamb Epicurean -from philosopher Epicurus, a person who prefers sensual pleasures
Lamb chops grilled in the Greek style over charcoal fire. . served over pan browned polenta
with a true Greek Horiatiki Salata (Village Salad) of ripe tomato, sweet onion and cucumber
tossed with the infamous Greek vinaigrette & imported Feta Cheese

Tuscan Beef Carpaccio 
Paper thin shavings of prime filet mignon. . .arranged in mosaic with a center of fresh greens
shavings of Pecorino Romano, capers, and a drizzled of truffle oil 

Mediterranean Flatbread  
A  crispy flatbread seasoned with Mediterranean spices topped with ripe tomato, fresh leaf basil, sweet red onion – fresh mozzarella and thinly slice Parma prosciutto

Farm to Table Summer Angel Hair Pasta "No Pasta"  
'zucchini' cappelini-long strands of very thinly cut zucchini- in a  light butter sauce with diced tomato, slivered scallions, & silver queen corn kernels all are locally farmed & organic

Add Jumbo lump Crab or Jumbo Shrimp -    

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp-
Wrapped in lean naturally smoked bacon & grilled over hardwood charcoal served with a Horseradish sauce for dipping

Appetizers and Tapas Updates

Wild Harvest Bay Scallops               
Tender beauties tossed at a very high heat to preserve their moisture and sweet flavor - served over a pool of champagne buerre blanc infused with imported Locatelli - presented in a beautiful 'sea shell' all riding over tender peppery Mâche topped with a charcoal grilled PA button mushroom

Stuffed Calamari
stuffed with a mélange of freshly sautéed vegetables & fresh mozzarella cheese tied and grilled over our naturally fired hardwood charcoal served over tomato basil marinara

Roasted Quail
stuffed under the skin with fresh herbs, caramelized vegetables & Chévre - served on a bed of wilted Mâche served drizzled with a pan reduction spike with Porto & fresh blackberries

Savory Tagliatelli Lisboa
The pasta is tossed with crisp asparagus tips in a light champagne cream with melted leeks finished with a poached egg in the Portuguese style topped with a smathering of seasoned bread crumbs & white truffle oil

Truffled Brussels
Fresh organic Brussels sprouts steamed and served in a light cream sauce drizzled with a truffle oil infusion and finished with house made seasoned bread crumbs

Magic Mushroom Mélange A Seasonal Favorite @ Gracie's
a sauté of shiitake, buttons, and truffle paste, with fresh herbs  finished with a pan re-'duck'tion - topped with a grilled portabella over melting Bufala mozzarella - truffle oil drizzle

Tuscan Meat Ravioli
Reaching back to Italian tradition for this ground filet mignon filled ravioli of homemade dough served adrift in our homemade tomato basil marinara sauce

Braised Beef Tapas (Tapas size boneless short ribs of beef)
slow roasted with root vegetables, herbs, in a savory pan au jus roasted in pan au jus with red wine -  served with a smathering of mashed


Roasted Red Bell  
Charcoal grill roasted in our kitchen w/ a bouquet of field greens & Mâche-imported Chévre w/ chiffonade of fresh basil drizzled w/ extra virgin olive oil & finished w/ balsamic reduction

Pear Salad sings the Bleus
Autumn Pears fanned with a smathering of beautiful Gorgonzola Bleu crumbles over -
Artisan red & green lettuces with organic bleu cheese vinaigrette pan roasted honey'd walnuts

Traditional Ceasar Salad
Crisp romaine -traditional recipe Caesar Cardini - Pecorino Romano and crispy crouton

Chicago Wedge Salad
Gorgonzola bleu cheese dressing, crispy bacon bits & dried cranberries

Entrees Selection

Fusion Moroccan Chicken                                            
Organic French A-Line cut breast of chicken stuffed beneath the skin with a lightly spiced Andouille sausage and very special Medjool Dates pan browned, and oven finished to a crispy golden skin with savory pan au jus & Chablis reduction w/ tiny diced yams.
Served with herb infused Quinoa & wilted greens w/ cool fennel & vine ripened tomato salad

Asian ‘Crispy’ Duck -
Semi boneless ½ Duckling “Twice cooked”. .roasted & painted with a Thai glazing lacquer of fresh berries Flashed to crispin’ the skin.  Resting over a stir fry of fresh vegetables and Canton noodles seasoned with Thai chilies, tamari soy, & fresh ginger

Celebration Vegetables Portabella Mediterranean             
Grilled Portabella Cap. . .resting atop a medley of freshly grilled veggies marinated in lemon-herb, & roasted garlic - fanned over semolina rigatoni tossed in Basil Pesto-served in a pool of
hand crushed tomato-basil marinara-finished with a roasted tomato stuffed with imported Chévre Order without pasta for a satisfying gluten free celebration dinner.

Day Boat Scallops los Cabos                                                     
Jumbo day boat scallops pan seared and finished with organic apple cider reduction
Served with grille roasted zucchini – ripe avocado –& fresh leafy greens tossed in a fresh lime & cilantro vinaigrette

Shrimp & Crab a la Riche                                                                     
Jumbo Shrimp and Jumbo lump Crab steamed over a light butter sauce with diced local tomatoes, slivered scallions, & silver queen corn kernels- resting over imported angel hair pasta

Pacific Rim Butter Fish
Wild caught Hawaiian Butter fish (Escalar) painted with citrus & olive oil with fresh herbs -
charcoal grilled & served w/ an orange citrus buerre blanc & mango salsa

served with charcoal grilled vegetables

  Filet Mignon au Natural(8 oz) Grilled to your preferencew/ béarnaise 
choose your style below 
Filet is also offeredau Poivre - finished with a traditional Cognac peppercorn cream 

Chicago Style
'Chicago Famous' - Wedge Salad
Gorgonzola bleu cheese dressing, crispy bacon bits & dried cranberries
Grilled Asparagus

New York Style
Your choice of creamy Russet mashed
 or grill roasted fingerlings   
served with béarnaise sauce

Menu Updates

Wild  Scottish Salmon
Cedar plank roasted and served w/ savory organic Italian Farro with a beautiful nutty grain flavor
drizzled with a slow roasted tomato & fresh basil - grilled broccoli & asparagus

Fusion Paella
PEI mussels, shrimp, little neck clams & fresh bass, steamed in white wine
spiked with caramelized sweet onion, sweet red bell, roasted garlic, & poblano pepper spiced up with N'Orleans Andouille and imported Spanish Saffron

Wild Striped Bass
Fresh 'wild caught' strippers. . . pan roasted and served in a pool of bouillabaisse au jus with jumbo lump crab shaved fresh fennel & imported saffron served with grill roasted fingerlings, and fresh asparagus tips

Autumn Filet Mignon of Pork

Organically grown pork tenderloin painted with a 'smoky' blackstrap marinade and charcoal grilled
served w/ luscious & creamy Autumn butternut squash and mushroom risotto spiked w/ herbs, and drizzled with a fresh cider reduction dressed with a smathering of wild greens tossed w/ maple citrus vinaigrette

Desert Selections

Montserrat Coconut Tart
“Island wet bottom pie with key lime, caster sugar & flaky coconut which rises to the top and browns
topped with our Key Lime Mousse 

Tara's 'Warm' Apple Cake
A regional favorite with Granny Smith apples
Rich in Cinnamon baked to golden brown perfection-with homemade caramel sauce

Strawberries Romanoff
Traditional recipe with plump ripe strawberries, macerated in Grand Marnier and layered with whipped cream

Fruits & Berries
Seasonal selection au natural or Au Gratin with a dollop of dairy fresh whipped cream flamed off with caramel sauce.

S'More or Less
for all you grown up scouts out there!
graham cracker crust lined with semi sweet chocolate ganache, topped with creamy mousse au chocolat finished with torched meringue

Mousse au Chocolat
This decadent homemade recipe uses the finest imported chocolate in true French method
Add ripe berries
Crème Brulee . . Oooo la la!
Our traditional French recipe with free-range eggs and a caramelized raw sugar top
Ripe Berries caramelized on top
. . .a chocolate twist to our special Crème
We spread Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache over the top  of the Crème Bruleetop that with raw sugar and caramelize for a decadent  chocolate 'hit' 

"Iré Dessert Spliff"
Inspired by the one & only Mr. Marley. . in our own chocolate style!
Semi Sweet Chocolate truffle twisted up in  light spring roll wrappers  wok fried to a crispy browned finish -  w/ vanilla ice cream, fresh berry puree, and chocolate ganache, Yah Mahn!

"Orgasmic” Chocolate Loaf 
Dense in flavor & light on the palate, thinly sliced
layered w/ ripe berries in a pool of crème anglaise w/ whipped cream
add  ice cream...

Chocolat Fondue
Pour Deux (for 2) - Fine European chocolate blended with Cognac & cinnamon served over a warm flame with a selection of freshly cut fruits, whole berries & dense brownie for dipping

"Old Hippy” Carrot Cake"
This moist delicious recipe is reminiscent of days when the flower child lived in us all.
Frosted with honey whipped cream cheese in a pool of crème Anglaise

FreshFruit Sorbets
Assorted flavors throughout the season

Ripe Mango
Natures sweet and delicious decadence Peeled and sliced and served au natural

The Love Triangle    
A Shared Dessert for 2

© Fresh Berries au gratin
©  Crème Brulee
© “Chocolate “Orgasm

Served on a 'special pedestal plate
$ 21.

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